We are official DJI Enterprise Dealers since 2008 providing you with our knowledge and expertise in the field of drone applications for a broad variety of industries and organizations. From governments, to public safety, construction projects, infrastructure and energy plants surveys, we believe drones can provide major value to any business venture.

Our 14 years experience with drone-based solutions has enabled us to fine-tune our solutions to our customer’s needs, guaranteeing top quality customer care before and after the purchase.

We are proud to be among the Top 3 DJI Dealers in Europe and we continue to strive for excellence in all middle east market-based activities.

We put the utmost care and passion in our work and don’t settle until the highest quality solution has been found.



We offer specialized and industry-specific drone training courses so you can build your very own in-house drone-expert team. Our programs are tailored to your needs and provide you with all the theoretical and practical education necessary to start implementing drone-based solutions in your company right away.


If you need help to solve a business problem or tackle a new challenge using drone-based solutions, we are ready to assist you! Our team of professional and expert consultants are available to work right by your side to analyze the situation, identify the possible solutions and implement them seamlessly into your internal processes.


If you have already pinpointed your drone needs and are looking for top-quality products, we can assist you in the purchase and set-up of our DJI hardware and software. Our assistance goes well beyond the moment of purchase, we are always available to answer any questions you may have about our products.

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