Why join DJI affiliate program at Airworks Trading LLC

70% Market Share

DJI represents 70% of the global drone market


National coverage

AIRWORKS TRADING LLC sells online throughout the country as an official authorized dealer.

Commission percentage

Get 7% commission on purchases.


Cookies for 30 days

You will receive a commission for an order from a customer who has clicked on your link within 30 days.

How can I earn a commission?


Share an affiliate link

From your affiliate area you get unique links and share them online. Alternatively, you can submit your domains for approval.

A customer orders a product

Someone clicks on your link and buys a product from dronedubai.ae

The order is confirmed

The reference link and order information will be automatically confirmed in the AIRWORKS TRADING LLC affiliation system.

Get a commission!

You will be paid the commission as long as the product is not refunded within 30 days.

Become an affiliate

1. Visit the dronedubai.ae website

2. In Access, click on the affiliate area and fill in your business details

3. Wait for confirmation by email

4. Share the links from your website to dronedubai.ae and start earning


Link sharing

Enter the HTML code on your site


What should you know before you join the program?

30-day cookie period:
Only orders placed within 30 days of clicking on your link will be considered an affiliate sale.
When I receive a commission:
The commissions to the DJI ARS Affiliates will be paid by bank transfer after invoicing, at the end of each month. The commissions refer to orders completed and not canceled and reimbursed during this period.
What types of promotion are not allowed:
To keep the DJI ARS Affiliate Program as fair as possible, some promotion methods are not allowed, including but not limited to the distribution of false information, interception of Internet traffic, search engine marketing and advertising with DJI related keywords.

Commission = Final amount of the order * Commission rate
If you share a reference link for a particular product, but a customer ends up buying another product, the commission will be calculated based on the product you purchased.

If you have a company or you are a freelancer you can bill your commission and you will be paid monthly by bank transfer.
If you are a private individual, you can receive a discount voucher equal to your commission to use on our website.

There are various ways to share our products and earn many commissions:

(1) If you have a website that is interested in drones or technology, you can create blog articles with reviews and sponsor our products with a direct link to purchase. Try to create interesting articles and sponsor them well on social media including Facebook and Instagram.
In this case the registration form indicates the name of your website so that all visitors coming from your site can make you generate a profit.

(2) If you have a facebook group you can generate “referral” links within your area and share them in the group to buy our products. The best method is to give free advice with guides or chat to group members and then give the link generated. In this case, you will also receive a commission for each purchase.

(3) If you do not have your own group but participate in other groups that talk about drones you can post our links for all users. For example, if someone writes that they have purchased the DJI Mavic Air you can post under the link with your reference to buy the DJI Care advising that it is always worth securing the drone. This is just an example but you will surely find hundreds of good possibilities.

(4) You can also share links on Whatsapp, Telegram, SMS or other online messaging applications. You can send links via e-mail to your friends and advise them to buy from us.
In this case you could decide to give part of the discount to your friends and earn together. If you take 7% commission you could share it with your friend etc. In this case you would have a common gain.

(5) If you are an influencer on: instagram, youtube or similar platforms you will surely share the links to your followers. For example, we recommend creating videos about our products and inserting the link to buy them. We understand that users love product testing, video testing, photo testing, etc.

We have very active affiliates who can earn up to 15,000 dollars per month. It depends on the commitment and popularity you can achieve.
Many affiliates even invest in paid advertising campaigns, achieving two goals together: to increase their popularity and increase sales of our products.
DJI products are very popular so you won’t have to struggle to sell them.

AIRWORKS TRADING LLC is an official DJI Store in UAE with the same official prices as the global store. Buying from an official channel means priority assistance and custom support.