We want you to love your new DJI products without worrying about price, which is why we offer our Best Price Policy. If you find a lower price advertised on the Internet or at a major retailer for the same DJI-branded product, we’ll charge you the same price.

Buying from AIRWORKS TRADING LLC at the same price, you will have the advantage of buying from an official channel including warranty and assistance.

Requirements for application of Best Price Policy

  • We only consider prices of products available and ready for delivery 
  • The product must not have been just released
  • The product with the lowest price must not be subject to any reduction in price, stock clearance, balances, or be reconditioned
  • The competitor must be an authorized DJI dealer. You can check the list of authorized dealers at https://www.dji.com/where-to-buy
  • Prices of unauthorized resellers will not be accepted. eBay auctions, s well as third-party ad sites, are not suitable for price matching requests
  • The reference product must be new and in stock in the same model, size, color. Shipping and/or handling charges and taxes will be considered when calculating the price difference. The promotions will not be cumulative with others already on the site.
  • All requests are handled at the sole discretion of the AIRWORKS TRADING LLC.
  • The Best Price service is available only for online purchases and not at physical stores. This service does not entitle you to free courses or free assistance.
  • The Best Price applies only to items with a value of more than 800 AED VAT Excluded.

How to obtain the Best Price

If you have found a better price from a supplier that meets all the above requirements you just have to search our website for the product you are interested in and click on:

“Found a product at a lower price?”


osmo action product page


You will have to enter the following data in the form:

  • Your email address (example [email protected])
  • The web address where you found the lowest price (enter full url)
  • The price you found without decimals (Example 559)
  • Notes (send us your phone contact and if you want your opinion)
  • Within 48 hours you will receive an email notification of acceptance or rejection of your offer

If your offer is accepted you will receive the link to proceed with the purchase. The offer is valid for 5 working days and is strictly confidential.
If your offer is rejected, you will be notified by email within 48 hours.

Best price is only valid for the purchase of product indicated by the customer.

Additional promotions on the AIRWORKS TRADING LLC will NOT be included.


Remember that for the same price, buying from an official store is an extra guarantee compared to a non-specialized retailer or from a large-scale retailer.

Our customers have found the following benefits:

  • Official DJI warranty with technical support
  • Answers from technical support within 48 working hours 
  • No shipping costs in case products must be sent to the DJI service centre
  • Replacement of the product in case of manufacturing defects within the first 7 days from purchase without additional charge