AirWorks offers DJI drone solutions for governments and agencies

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DJI, world leader in civilian drones and aerial imaging technology, offers high-security solutions for governments wishing to use drones in their operations. The DJI Government Edition is an integrated drone solution created specifically for use in high-security situations and is highly customizable to ensure fulfilling all the needs of governments and agencies. It has been tested and officially approved by the USA Department of the Interior and has since been used in many countries around the world.

It includes the firmware DJI Government Edition, the software DJI Government Edition Assistant 2 and DJI Government Edition Pilot App for Android mobile devices and DJI Government Edition GS PRO for iOS mobile devices.

Drones in Civil Security

DJI solutions provide enhanced safety by offering aerial tools that can help mitigate hazards and risks during critical operations. It is much appreciated in the field of Civil Security, where drones can be used to gather information in situations where immediate response is needed. In the case of a missing person, using a DJI Mavic 2 Pro can help by providing aerial overviews and live-stream, enabling officers to direct teams on-site and communicate with off-site stakeholders. The same features can be applied in border protection, where having a wide visual feed across large areas of land is paramount to ensure safety and constant monitoring.

Drones in Justice Management

DJI drones can also be deployed in Justice Management, for example to quickly map areas after a crime scene, thereby saving time and improving efficiency of operations. 3D maps and aerial LiDAR point clouds can provide an added value when visual reports are needed in courts. Aerial images can prove to be extremely useful in dangerous areas that cannot be directly reached by officers without risking their lives. In this case, the incredible 4x Zoom of the Mavic 2 Zoom can help see details that would otherwise remain unnoticed. Using a thermal camera such as the one mounted on the Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual or the more advanced ZenMuse XT2 which can be mounted on the Matrice 200 Series Drones, officers can gain visuals through obstructions and easily reconstruct the scene.

Drones in Search and Rescue

A quick and efficient response is also needed in Search and Rescue operations, where drones can provide invaluable images for a more efficient emergency response. Thanks to DJI drone solutions, first responders can have a complete overview of the situation and take responsible decisions quickly.

DJI solutions are also important in Environmental Operations, to monitor, manage and protect wildlife. There have been several cases in which drone have enabled officers to track and identify poachers. Drone platforms equipped with thermal and optical zoom cameras, such as the Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual, can help firefighters quickly scan through smoke and fire, giving them a safe overview of the mission so they can make informed decisions.

AirWorks, DJI official dealer in Dubai, offers governments and agencies its consulting services to find the best drone solutions to meet their needs. Any operation can be improved and made more efficient by deploying UAVs. Contact us to know all about our services!