Osmo Action vs. GoPro7


Osmo Action vs. GoPro7, who is going to win?
In this article we review the main functions of these two actions cameras to help you make an informed choice!

The same method was used to fix both the DJI Osmo Action and the GoPro Hero 7 Black or GO7 for comparison.


1. Stabilization

Osmo Action Rocksteady allows for better stabilization compared to the GoPro7 when using the same parameter settings.



  • More effective algorithm
  • The cut-off frequency is slightly higher

2. Night Scenes

Both cameras cannot prevent noise when shooting in night scenes, but Osmo Action records more details than the GoPro7.


Image quality deteriorates after enabling EIS. Therefore, the EIS is not recommended when shooting in environments with poor illumination.

3. HDR videos

When shooting night scenes, the Osmo Action can maintain more detail by activating the HDR function to find a balance between noise and detail.


HDR combines two differently exposed frames into a single frame to preserve more detail and increase color saturation.


HDR effectively improves image quality when you shoot in a wide dynamic range or in a low light environment.

4. Registration vowel

Osmo Action has 2 microphones and works just as well as the GoPro7’s 3 microphones, if not better.


Main differences:

  • GoPro7: valid in restoring the sound environment but bad in reducing noise
  • Osmo Action: focuses more on recording the most effective way of reducing noise is by reducing the sound in front of the lens

5. FOV

Osmo Action FOV: 145°; GO7 FOV: 150°


A 145° FOV is large enough to record detailed information. An extra 5°does not determine big visual difference, but a greater FOV does however generate more distortion.

Because the GoPro7 has a greater FOV, the more information you wish to capture, the more work will be needed in post-processing.

6. Anti-distortion

When the anti-distortion is off, the camera’s display in Osmo Action is less distorted than in the GoPro7.


In addition Osmo Action still has better performance than GoPro7 after the anti-distortion is activated.

7. Anti-reflection


Osmo Action has better control over the glare and can reduce the impact of reflection in the image.

8. Waterproof

Osmo Action: 11m waterproof

GoPro7: 10m waterproof


Both products are water resistant, but when recording at 7 m underwater, the buttons on GoPro7 do not respond because of the pressure while Osmo Action functions normally.

9. Temperature working

To compare operating temperatures, the two cameras are tested by a thermal simulation gun with the same parameter settings.


The result shows that the operating temperature of Osmo Action is significantly lower than that of the GoPro7.

Since the lens cap of Osmo Action is made of metal, it retains more heat than the GoPro7. This does not pose a problem since users won’t have to touch this part, which is usually protected by the camera frame or by other accessories.

10. Lenses and anti-binding functions

Since both products can be used underwater, it is important to note that the lens or screen may fog up due to the large temperature difference.


When putting the two machines in icy water after 15 minutes of use, the front screen of the Osmo Action and the target of the GoPro7 became cloudy

A cloudy front screen does not affect the shot, and the camera can work normally afterwards.

However a foggy lens will surely affect the shot, even though it will not ruin the lens itself.

11. Controls of the camera

Comparing the difference in resolution and ISO settings between these two products, we can say that Osmo Action has a more efficient and intuitive user interface design than the GoPro7.


Osmo Action’s touch screen also responds in faster than GoPro7’s.

12. Duration of battery

When recording at 4K/60fps with stabilization turned off, both cameras have overheating protection enabled. Osmo Action deactivates the touch screen but continues to record, while the GoPro7 switches off directly.


After 34 minutes of recording, Osmo Action gets overheated and disables the touch screen, but recording continues.

After 45 minutes of recording, the GoPro7 overheats and stops recording directly.