Discover the Top Features of DJI Zenmuse H30 Series


Experience the revolutionary capabilities of the DJI Zenmuse H30 Series, a state-of-the-art payload collection designed to elevate aerial imaging to unprecedented heights. This advanced, all-weather, multi-sensor series includes the Zenmuse H30 and Zenmuse H30T models, each featuring a wide-angle camera, a zoom camera, a laser rangefinder, and an NIR auxiliary light. Additionally, the H30T is equipped with an infrared thermal camera. Both payloads are compatible with the Matrice 300 RTK and Matrice 350 RTK drones.

The Zenmuse H30 Series redefines aerial imagery with unmatched precision and accuracy. Whether you are part of a search and rescue team, a first responder, or an inspection specialist, this payload series provides the ultimate solution for the most demanding tasks.

Embrace the future of aerial imaging technology with the Zenmuse H30 Series.

The H30 Series is equipped with multiple modules that work in tandem to deliver high-quality aerial imagery in various weather conditions, ensuring a comprehensive overview of any task. Let’s delve into the benefits of the Zenmuse H30 Series.

Further and Clearer Vision

The Zenmuse H30 Series sets a new standard with its state-of-the-art, high-resolution zoom camera. With an impressive 34x optical zoom, it captures images closer than ever before, surpassing any previous payloads.

Furthermore, its remarkable 400x digital zoom allows you to identify and inspect objects from greater distances without needing to fly closer. The camera’s advanced image stabilization technology, reflecting our commitment to innovation, minimizes shaky footage during telephoto operations.

This makes it the ideal tool for challenging environments or detailed data capture of structures like overhead power lines or wind turbines. With the Zenmuse H30 Series, you can be confident that you are obtaining the best visual imagery available on the market.

zenmuse H30 and H30T

Enhanced Infrared Performance

The Zenmuse H30T’s powerful infrared thermal camera features a 32x digital zoom and a resolution of 1280×1024, four times higher than previous generations.

When zoomed to higher levels, the Zenmuse H30T automatically activates the UHR (Ultra-High Resolution) Infrared Image function, ensuring your image remains clear regardless of the environment. This makes the camera ideal for capturing thermal images of large sites while being able to zoom in on specific areas without compromising image quality.

The Zenmuse H30T offers three infrared gain modes: High Gain mode for precise temperature measurements, Low Gain mode for a broader temperature range, and the new High-Res mode. The High-Res mode is particularly beneficial for observing objects, people, or animals with minor temperature differences, making it highly practical for law enforcement, wildlife monitoring, and search-and-rescue operations.

Additionally, the H30T’s zoom and infrared thermal camera support split display and Link Zoom, allowing operators to scale the visible light and thermal images together while maintaining the same viewpoint. This feature enables side-by-side comparisons of image details, which can help locate objects faster, proving crucial for search and rescue teams or first responders during natural disasters.


Enhanced Night Vision

Experience unparalleled night-time imagery with the Zenmuse H30 Series. Equipped with advanced zoom and wide-angle cameras, this series allows you to switch to Night Scene mode in low-light conditions, providing enhanced live view and recording quality.

Whether you’re conducting law enforcement surveillance, responding to emergency inspections, or monitoring wildlife activity, our cutting-edge technology ensures exceptional operational efficiency and accuracy at night. From dusk to dawn, the Zenmuse H30 Series delivers seamless and uninterrupted imagery like never before.

Night Scene Mode Off     

Night Scene Mode On

Night Scene mode On

Black and White Night Vision and NIR Illumination

Operators can utilize IR Light for infrared enhancement and illumination when the Zenmuse H30 Series zoom camera is in Night Scene mode. Switching off the IR Light transforms the live feed into a high-contrast grayscale image, facilitating the easy detection of subjects in both light and dark areas. Additionally, the zoom camera can leverage the NIR auxiliary light for enhanced NIR illumination when enabled. This feature is particularly useful for nighttime monitoring or search-and-rescue operations.

Precise and Accurate Distance with Laser Rangefinder

The Zenmuse H30 Series features a significantly upgraded laser rangefinder, capable of accurately marking the position of an object up to 3000 meters (1.8 miles) away—2.5 times greater than previous models. It also provides linear distance from the camera, altitude, and GPS coordinates. This is especially beneficial for first responders needing to observe a scene from a safe distance or search and rescue teams locating people in remote and hard-to-reach areas. With the Zenmuse H30 Series, you can ensure precision and accuracy, giving you the confidence to handle any situation.

laser range finder

Temperature Measurement from -20° to 1600° C (-4° to 2912° F)

For operators needing an extended temperature measurement range, the Zenmuse H30 Series offers an optional infrared density filter. In Low Gain mode, this accessory allows temperature measurements up to 1600° C (2912° F), three times higher than the previous generation. This capability is especially valuable for firefighting, geological observations, and other tasks that require precise temperature assessments and rapid hotspot detection, enhancing situational awareness and rescue efficiency.

IR density filter

Smarter Multi-Scenario Operations

The Zenmuse H30 Series features Smart Capture mode, enabling its zoom and wide-angle cameras to automatically assess surrounding light and dynamic range. By applying intelligent image algorithms, it produces photos with natural transitions between light and dark areas and rich details, even in challenging environments with high dynamics, intense light, or low light. Additionally, the new Electronic Dehazing function enhances image clarity in conditions like smog or high atmospheric humidity. It offers adjustable low and high dehazing levels to suit various operational needs.

Reliable Information Sync and Retention

The Zenmuse H30 Series cameras can store footage from 10, 15, or 30 seconds before recording begins, ensuring all essential information is captured. This feature, which needs to be preset, allows operators to access crucial data later. Through the cloud platform on FlightHub 2, operators can monitor live views from the Zenmuse H30 Series cameras, facilitating quick decision-making and coordinated air-to-ground operations.

Diverse Range of Application Scenarios

The Zenmuse H30 Series is a versatile, high-performing payload designed for various industries and applications, including public safety, electricity, oil and gas, water conservation, and forestry. Its advanced features and capabilities make it an ideal choice for professionals seeking an efficient and reliable aerial imaging solution. Whether you need to monitor critical infrastructure, conduct inspections, or capture aerial reconnaissance, the Zenmuse H30 Series is a valuable asset that helps you achieve your goals with ease and precision.

M350RTK and H30T
Zoom CameraWide-Angle CameraLaser Range FinderInfrared Thermal Camera (H30T Only)NIR Auxiliary Light
Up to 34× Optical Zoom‌ and 400× Digital Zoom‌40MP 1/1.8-inch CMOS SensorEquivalent Focal Length: 24 mm, DFOV: 82.1°Measurement Range: 3-3000 m (1.8 miles)Equivalent Focal Length: 52mm, DFOV: 45.2°Wavelength: 850 nm
Video Resolution: Max 3840 × 2160 @30fps48MP 1/1.3-inch CMOS SensorMeasurement Accuracy: ≤ 500 m: ±(0.2 m+measurement distance×0.15%) ‌> 500 m: ±1.0 mUncooled VOx MicrobolometerFOV: 4.6±0.6° (Round)
 Video Resolution: Max 3840 × 2160 @30fps Photo Resolution: 1280 × 1024Video Resolution: 1280×1024@30fpsSafety Rating: Class 1
   Temperature Measurement Range from -20° to 1600° C (-4° to 2912° F)Illumination Range: Approx. 8m diameter circle at 100m distance