DJI Agras T16 presented at AirWorks 2019

DJI Agras T16

Compared to previous versions, the DJI Agras T16 has an overall improved structure, with a modular design capable of supporting heavier loads; its spray pattern is wider than that of the other DJI agricultural drones. Equipped with a resistant hardware and a powerful IA engine, it offers the possibility of planning operations in 3D increasing the efficiency of your work to levels never thought of.

The exclusive modular design of Agras T16 simplifies the configuration and assembly, also speeding up regular maintenance operations. The IP67 degree guarantees total protection of all the main components. With a lightweight and durable carbon fiber shell, it is foldable up to 25% compared to the original dimensions, making it ideal for transport. Both the battery and the tank are easily replaceable, greatly improving the duration of use and the reserve of spraying liquid.

The new spraying system

The tank of the DJI Agras T16 can hold up to sixteen liters of liquid, with a system capable of spraying up to 6.5 meters away. In all there are four pumps and eight nozzles, with a maximum flow rate of 4.8 L / min. The DJI Agras T16 is able to spray about ten hectares of land in an hour. The spraying system also features an innovative electromagnetic flow meter, to ensure unbeatable accuracy and stability compared to other conventional devices.

Precise positioning

Agras T16’s innovative modular aeroelectronic system is integrated with a double IMU and double barometer, and exploits the redundancy of the propulsion signal to ensure flight safety. The GNSS + RTK dual redundancy system allows positioning accuracy to the centimeter. A dual antenna protects against electromagnetic interference.


DJI Agras T16 is equipped with an updated radar system, which is able to detect the operating environment both during the day and at night, without being affected by changes in light or by the presence of dust. Flight safety is increased thanks to frontal and rear obstacle detection sensors and 100 ° field of view, twice as high as that of other DJI agricultural drones. Agras T16 is also able to detect the slope of the terrain and adjust its parameters according to needs. The innovative radar system uses the DBF (Digital Beam Forming) technique, which generates images using 3D point clouds, perceiving the environment and managing the information to effectively bypass obstacles.

Agras T16 supports the OcuSync 2.0 HD transmission technology, which extends the control distance up to three kilometers in optimal conditions and in FCC mode. It is also equipped with a wide-angle FPV camera and reflectors, to monitor drone operations during the day and night for a safe flight.

DJI is dedicated to making agricultural tasks easier and to contribute to protecting cultivated lands. With advanced drones and tools, the DJI AG solutions simplify operations and optimize results of large scale interventions.