DJI launches new Osmo Action camera on the market

DJI Osmo Action

DJI today launched the new DJI Osmo Action camera, with the event Unleash Your Other Side, an action camera with extraordinary features.

With the two displays of Osmo Action you have even more shooting options, using just a single button. A clear front display allows you to obtain perfect selfies, and a responsive and crystal clear rear display to enables you to always view impeccable images. This sporty, durable, and stylish camera is the perfect choice for your adventure; the set-up is quick and easy, allowing you to dive straight into the action.

After offering directors from all over the world advanced and reliable stabilization technology with its famous gimbal, DJI has now gone even further. Thanks to a stabilization system image electronics (EIS) combined with effective algorithms, the Osmo Action ensures smooth and stable filming even in the most challenging situations.

Extend the dynamic range of your videos by recording them in HDR mode. With a more natural transition between light and shadow, it also captures details that you would have lost in environments with more complex lighting. High quality 4K/60fps video at 100 Mbps will always guarantee movies as intense as your emotions and extraordinary details.

Capture every movement with clarity and detail with 8x 1080p and 240fps slowed down video.

Shoot star-lit skies in manual or semi-automatic mode, capturing the night in 120 seconds of exposure.

Using the timelapse feature you can condense time and movement with ease, obtaining professional results.

Set shots in RAW, to have total control of the images during post-production.

Action OS is the incredibly fast and interactive system of Osmo Action, which combines a simple and effective interface with only three buttons, for practical and versatile use. You’ll be able to shoot in no time at all.

Custom mode allows you to save, list and select shooting modes and exposure parameters used.

The QS (Quick Switch) key makes access to e mode possible quick and easy settings. It has several features for changing the display from front to rear display and vice versa, select and set up custom configurations.

With SnapShot, you won’t miss a thing. With the device off, press the shutter release button and start filming in less than two seconds.

Five voice commands can be used to record video, take pictures and turn off the camera through voice commands (currently, only available in English and Mandarin Chinese).

It is water-resistant up to 11 meters, with a rear screen watertight touch screen and hydrophobic coating. Perfect for following you in all your underwater adventures.

The lens is equipped with three aspherical optics that efficiently reduce reflexes, returning crystal clear images even with light of the sun. A protective and anti-fingerprint coating of the filter cover keeps the lens free of oil, water, dirt and other impurities, allowing you to continue filming even in suboptimal situations.

The batteries guarantee perfect operation even when temperatures drop to 10°C below zero.

An accurately designed heat transfer system designed the heat generated to dissipate quickly during shooting extended.

The DJI Mimo application is complete with intuitive features and powerful editing tools, to get the most out of your Osmo Action camera. Default templates in My Story mode allow you to edit and share instantly on social media the most exciting moments of your life life.

Summary of the main technical features

The main technical features of DJI Osmo Action camera are:

  • Dual color LCD display
  • Resolution of up to 4K@60 fps, 100 mbps and 12 MP photos with a 1/2.3-inch CMOS sensor
  • Waterproof without additional protection up to 11 meters depth
  • HDR video and SloMo 8x
  • 1.4-inch, 300ppi front display
  • 2.25 inches, 325 ppi rear display
  • Dimensions: 65mm x 42mm x 35mm
  • Weight: 134g