DJI M300 Drones for Oil and Gas Refinery Inspection


DJI drones have become the first choice when it comes to Inspections in the Oil and Gas industries. Drones provide real-time data, allowing teams to make quick decisions about maintenance, thus saving time and money.

Accuracy of measurement is increasing with every new DJI drone model, and the latest Matrice 300 RTK is no exception. Paired with the ZenMuse H20 multi-sensor payload, the M300 offers inspection teams many solutions to carry out their missions.

One challenge which is often encountered is proximity of flight: pilots must be able to fly close enough to the structures to be able to get a clear view, but at the same time maintain safety distances to avoid collision or interference.

Inspection teams can now use the H20’s Laser Rangefinder which offers precise measurements for distances up to 1200m.

It also comes with a 23x optical zoom, giving users close-up and detailed images without sacrificing quality.

The M300 RTK is equipped with an omnidirectional obstacle avoidance system, greatly reducing risks of collision even in the most challenging environments. The drone self-corrects when encountering obstacles, meaning the mission can continue without any flight interruptions.

With an extended flight time of 45 minutes when paired with the H20, the M300 is ideal for longer missions. Pilots can also quickly hot-swap the TB60 batteries, guaranteeing an almost continuous use of the drone for prolonged working hours.

For inspection teams needing a larger fleet, the DJI UAV Health Management System enables monitoring of functions and flight data for all devices, allowing the user to better understand performance and make data-driven decisions.

Inspections often have to be carried out in difficult conditions, exposing the drones to tear and wear and to the risk of inconsistent results.

The M300 RTK comes with the AI Spot-Check tool, which combines visual machine learning algorithms with a Real-Time Kinematic (RTK) system, guaranteeing top-notch precision in the data points gathered. If need be, data can be gathered from the same spot time and time again.

Furthermore, the M300 has an Ingress Protection (IP) rating of 45, which means it can tolerate harsh working conditions, with light and medium rain. Inspection teams can therefore rest assured they will be able to carry out their missions in most weather conditions.

A real-life example The M300 RTK has recently been welcomed in the UAV fleet at the Shell Deer Park in Houston, Texas. This fully integrated and chemical plant spans over 2300 acres and is responsible for the production of gasoline, kerosene, diesel fuel and other hydrocarbons.

The Security Team at Shell Deer Park started using drones in 2016. They were able to experience first-hand the incredible benefits of growing a drone fleet in terms of productivity, cost reduction and staff safety.

The new DJI M300 RTK paired with the Zenmuse H20 have left the Drone Operators at Shell Deer Park enthusiastic, offering them a truly comprehensive solution to efficiently lead their inspection missions.

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