DJI OM 5 Unboxing and What’s New


DJI’s latest intelligent smartphone gimbal is here! We’ll be unboxing DJI OM 5, showing you everything that is included in the box and exploring some of the intelligent features and look at the smart design aspects that make it the ultimate smartphone stabilizer. A lot has been upgraded from previous OM 4, including two gorgeous color options, a built-in extension rod, and new intelligent features that make capturing epic footage easier than ever. This lightweight and portable smartphone gimbal truly empowers users to master every shot. 

1. DJI OM 5: Inside the Box

DJI OM 5 has everything users need to master every shot right out of the box. Here’s the complete list of everything you’ll find in the box.

in the box

The box includes OM 5 along with the magnetic phone clamp, which allows you to attach your smartphone to the device. There’s also a power cable, storage pouch, wrist strap, and a convenient grip tripod that makes it easy to hold or place in a stationary position. 

For vloggers and other users who need to make sure they get the perfect lighting in any environment, there’s also the new DJI OM Fill Light Phone Clamp (sold separately). This super convenient accessory can be attached quickly and provides a range of color temperature and brightness options for fast, easy, reliable lighting wherever you go.

2. Let’s Take a Closer Look

Two Gorgeous Color Options

DJI OM 5 is available in two stylish color options. Inspired by Greek architecture, Athens Gray provides a classic look. For a more creative flair, there’s also Sunset White, which represents the soft, subtle hues of a sunset.

Magnetic Design

DJI OM 5 features a convenient magnetic design. This allows users to attach their smartphones quickly and easily, all without the need to balance or calibrate. That means you can attach your phone and start shooting super smooth creative videos in just seconds.

Portable Size

DJI OM 5 features a sleek upgraded design that makes it more portable than any previous version. Not only does it fit comfortably in your hand, it’s also easy to store in a bag or even your pocket and take along on any adventure.

Built-In Extension Rod

 For the first time in a DJI smartphone stabilizer, DJI OM 5 features a built-in extension rod, which can be extended up to 215 mm for more flexible and dynamic shooting angles.

DJI OM 5 vs. DJI OM 4: What’s New?

Appearance and Design

DJI OM 5 is available in the new Sunset White color. This soft pinkish white offers an additional way to match your shoes, clothing, or personality!  At around 290 grams, OM 5 is also significantly lighter than its predecessors, making it easier than ever to bring along anywhere. For the first time in a DJI smartphone gimbal, a built-in extension rod is included, providing more flexible shooting angles and ensuring better selfies.


One of the biggest feature upgrades for OM 5 is ShotGuides. This intelligent feature automatically recognizes your environment and recommends helpful shooting tips and creative templates that allow even first-time users to capture epic, professional-level results.


At its core, DJI OM 5 is a smartphone stabilizer. That means it offers powerful technology to stabilize your movements and deliver super-smooth footage. Powerful motors combine with some of DJI’s most advanced algorithms to ensure you never have to worry about shaky clips again.

ActiveTrack 4.0

DJI OM 5 provides thoroughly reliable subject tracking with the new and improved ActiveTrack 4.0. This updated version features more advanced recognition capabilities and higher responsiveness. It even features a new automatic face tracking feature for selfie mode. From pets to friends to yourself, OM 5 offers stunningly reliable tracking technology.

Upgraded Intelligent Features

Most of the other intelligent features that made OM 4 great have been upgraded and improved with DJI OM 5. That includes Panorama modes for wider creative shots, Story mode for fun edits, DynamicZoom for a creative cinematic shot, and plenty of others.


With a sleek new design and some of the most powerful technology ever featured in a smartphone stabilizer, DJI OM 5 is the ultimate way to capture and share any moment. A magnetic attachment makes it super convenient and easy to use, and features like the built-in extension rod and ShotGuides ensure you’ll never be at a loss for creative ways to film.