DJI Osmo Action vs. smartphones: do more with less


Osmo Action is compact and packed with incredible features, making it the perfect device for capturing ultra-fluid film footage anywhere.

Smartphones and other mobile devices are great and super affordable for capturing photos and videos. However, these devices have some serious drawbacks. Here, we’ll compare them with DJI’s new Osmo Action to show why anyone looking to improve their shooting and expand what’s possible should try this advanced action camera.

Waterproof up to 11 meters

While most modern phones are water-resistant to about 2 meters, Osmo Action is waterproof to a depth of 11 meters. This makes it a perfect and worry-free choice at the pool, on the beach or anywhere else where you could bathe.

Do you need to go deeper than 11 meters? No problem! Just buy the waterproof case and waterproof Osmo Action to a depth of 60 meters.


Stable as a rock

We’ve all had the unfortunate experience of capturing footage that was too shaky. Thanks to RockSteady, Osmo Action‘s advanced stabilization technology, the smoothness of the gimbal is just a touch away. Whether you’re mountain biking along a dirt road or just turning around on a bumpy road, the footage remains vibration-free and surprising. And with the accompanying DJI Mimo app, you can instantly share that movie on social media platforms.


Robust enough to handle any action

Smartphones are ideal for taking quick pictures, but they’re also easy to drop and damage. With Osmo Action, worrying about a broken screen is a thing of the past. Two scratch-resistant screens and a robust, durable body make it ready for everything life brings you.

If you don’t take our word for it, just take a look at this intense durability test to see how much Osmo Action can take.


Frame it all with Osmo Action’s wide-angle lens

Whether it’s a unique trip to Europe or a weekend with friends, you won’t miss anything. Osmo Action‘s 145° field of view will capture the scene as you see it, making sure your footage is as detailed as the experience.


Long-life battery

Even if your smartphone is fully charged, it’s not up to the task for a long day of shooting and all the other things you’ll probably be using it for. Osmo Action allows you to avoid these problems and can even continuously record up to 135 minutes on a single charge.

Even if the battery runs out, simply insert a new one and you’re ready to continue filming.


Designed for effortless selfie and vlogging

With a 1.4-inch front display, Osmo Action lets you compose yourself easily in the frame. Most smartphones have a 7 MP front camera that can record 1080P video, but Osmo Action‘s front screen lets you capture 12 MP photos and record at 4K/60fps in both JPEG and DNG formats, giving you full post-processing control.

Whether you are an aspiring vlogger or simply looking for better selfie, Osmo Action is the ideal choice.


Take control

With Osmo Action‘s custom mode, you have complete control over the movie. Customize an extraordinary variety of settings such as timelapse intervals, shutter speeds and more. If you like a specific setting, you can even save it as a custom profile and reuse it at any time.



Upgrade your DJI Osmo Action accessory experience to meet your needs. From floating handles to lights that can be connected to surfboard and bicycle mounts, the possibilities are endless! Plus, with a collection of filters available, it’s easy to experiment with frame rates, lighting and more to take your shots to the next level.

Add to this the fact that the DJI Osmo Action fits easily into your pocket…. what are you waiting for?