DJI Osmo Action Camera, new accessories available


We will be going over the best DJI Osmo Action Accessories: professional shots with an easy set-up are guaranteed!

DJI, the world leader in civil drones and creative camera technology, which builds on its legacy of advanced image stabilization, takes a bold new direction with the DJI Osmo Action camera. Using DJI‘s unparalleled experience of capturing smooth, stable video in the most demanding environments, Osmo Action is as robust as it is sophisticated, opening up worlds of creative potential for both professionals and adventurers.

“DJI has always pushed the limits of technology and the content creators who love our products have made it clear that they want us to push the limits of their creative potential as well. Osmo Action is our cutting-edge response to what the creative community demands: exceptional image quality and stabilization in a new, unique and enduring form factor, with two color screens and seamless software integration. For all kinds of creators who push their gear to the limit, Osmo Action sets the new standard,” said Roger Luo, President of DJI. “Whether you’re capturing aerial content with Mavic 2, incredibly fluid content with Osmo Pocket, or breathtaking footage with Osmo Action, DJI offers a complete suite of products for your creative needs.

dji osmo action

Robust construction and intuitive design

A compact but durable design makes Osmo Action the ideal camera for the adventures of life. Built to easily handle extreme conditions, Osmo Action is dustproof, shockproof, waterproof and has the ability to operate at temperatures below zero. Osmo Action uses color screens on both the front and back, a unique design feature that allows for a more comfortable composition of the scene while on the move. The 2.25″ rear touchscreen employs a coating that repels water and fingerprints, and the 1.4″ front screen makes vlogging and taking selfies easier than ever before. With a brightness of 750 nits, Osmo Action can be used in bright light conditions, including direct sunlight.

Osmo Action‘s interactive user interface, Action OS, combines aerodynamic and functional physical design with flexible operations. Turn on, start recording and rotate through video and photo capture modes in the blink of an eye with three dedicated buttons. Never miss a moment with the help of SnapShot, which allows Osmo Action to turn on and start recording in less than two seconds by pressing the shutter release button once.

Advanced technology with outstanding image quality

A 1/2.3-inch sensor records 12-megapixel photos and 4K video at up to 60 fps at 100 Mbps with stunning detail, ensuring high-quality footage. A three-glass aspherical design records low-distortion content and helps reduce distortion effects for better scenes. The lens cap is finished with two layers of anti-fingerprint coating to keep the shot clean during use; an anti-reflective coating reduces the undesirable effects of lens glare, giving users greater flexibility to shoot in bright conditions.

Incorporating over a decade of experience in creating three-axis mechanical gimbals, Osmo Action is the first DJI portable camera to include RockSteady, DJI‘s Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) technology. High-performance stabilization algorithms work in combination with EIS to record every movement in smooth, stable, high-quality video, even during 4K/60fps recording. In addition, Osmo Action is able to reproduce high dynamic range (HDR) video in 4K/30fps, offering an additional three dynamic range stops to the scene, as well as natural transitions between light and dark areas and rich details that are often lost in complex lighting conditions. Osmo Action has a removable drum kit with a 93-minute recording time at 4K/30fps with RockSteady enabled and 135-minute recording at 1080p/30fps without RockSteady. Dual microphones allow users to take advantage of the voice control of Osmo Action and a speaker ensures exceptional playback quality.

Creative and intelligent features

A staple in DJI‘s product range, Osmo Action offers a wide range of highly creative features built into the camera that users can access with just a few simple touches. During recording, choose between:

▪️ Slo-mo: 8 slows at 1080p 240 fps or 4x slows at 1080p 120 fps create a visually appealing effect when documenting action-packed scenes.

▪️ Timelapse: To turn minutes into seconds, Timelapse is perfect for capturing unique content with the effect of the world moving faster.

▪️ Custom Exposure Settings: Shoot the stars with manual and semi-automatic settings that allow up to 120 seconds of exposure, perfect for capturing the night sky.

Exploiting the full potential of Osmo Action

Using the recently released DJI Mimo app, connect Osmo Action to your mobile device with WiFi or Bluetooth for additional features. These include a live camera feed, multiple story templates, quick in-app editing and more. An ecosystem of accessories helps to unleash all the potential of Osmo Action. Among the accessories there are 4 that have been recently released on the market by DJI:

  • Floating Handle: Floating Handle offers a comfortable grip on the Osmo Action and keeps it floating on the surface of the water while shooting in the water
dji osmo action accessories
  • Osmo Action Mounting Kit: DJI Osmo Action Mounting Kit is made of SUS 303 stainless steel. This accessory is corrosion resistant, robust and durable. The swing arm allows the mounting position of the Osmo Action to be rotated by 90° to extend the shooting options. These convenient mounts allow you to connect Osmo Action to a wide range of sports equipment such as skateboards, bicycles, helmets and more.
dji osmo action accessories
  • CYNOVA Osmo Action Mini Tripod: CYNOVA Osmo Action Mini Tripod is a convenient and portable mini tripod for Osmo Action. Designed for Osmo Action, the mini tripod is a great solution to the problem of blurring caused by camera shake during shooting. It stabilizes the camera and improves shooting stability.
dji osmo action accessories

▪️ CYNOVA Osmo Action Protective Sleeve: CYNOVA Osmo Action Protective Sleeve is a kind of Osmo Action cover to protect it from scratches and accidental bumps just like smartphone covers. Especially designed for Osmo Action, the silicone case is soft, comfortable, elastic, can be automatically twisted and restored, tightly wrapped around the body and frame, protecting the back and sides of the body in all directions. It is wearable, environmentally friendly, non-slip, drip-proof and shockproof. Furthermore, it provides unique surface openings for normal use of all doors and buttons.

dji osmo action accessories