DJI SDK will be compatible with Mavic Mini


Compatibility of the DJI SDK with DJI Mavic Mini means a lot more interesting features for this latest small and powerful DJI drone

DJI’s Mavic drone line quickly dominated the prosumer drone market. With the Mavic 2 series, DJI has incresed the capabilities of those drones bringing them even closer to those offered by larger and more expensive drones. Now, with the release of the Mavic Mini DJI is pushing in the opposite direction, with an extraordinarily small and light model, but still with great capacities. As would be expected from an entry-level product, there are compromises. But for most of the functionality, it’s an impressive offer for its price.

mavic mini

Numbers of DJI Mavic Mini

The main number for the Mavic Mini is its weight. At 249 grams (8.8 ounces), it is one of the first professional-capable drones to be light enough to remain out of the FAA and EASA registration requirement starting at 250 grams. Although this does not remove the need for commercial operators to follow all the rules, hobbyists can fly without worrying about registering it, although the airspace regulations are still valid. DJI Mavic Mini is around the same size as the small DJI Spark when its arms with rotors are extended, but unlike the Spark, it can bend to become even smaller. Furthermore, unlike the Spark, it is equipped with a fully active 3-axis motorized gimbal.

The camera of the Mavic Mini is not quite as capable as that of the Mavic 2 Pro and Zoom models. The 1/2.3-inch 12MP sensor captures video at 2.7K at 30 fps (and 1080p at 60 fps), but is unable to capture 4K video. The remote control has also been reduced, with the LCD screen and USB-A port removed and fewer controls. DJI also claims that real-time video can be streamed over the remote control with a range of 2 miles in the FCC version, with the usual tip that you should keep your drone in sight.

Use of the new DJI Fly mobile app

Along with the DJI Mavic Mini also comes a new DJI app, DJI Fly. DJI Fly is a simplified version of the DJI Go app used to pilot the company’s other drones. The interface and menu systems have been redesigned to be more intuitive, although obviously it has a learning curve if you are used to the current interface. There is also a useful new direction and orientation indicator at the bottom of the display.

Like the DJI Go app, DJI Fly offers some pre-programmed cinematic maneuvers for the Mavic Mini. These include Dronie, Circle (Orbit), Rocket and Helix – not as rich a set as those available with the Mavic Pro and Mavic 2 Pro, but definitely a good way to start. These can be combined with creative models within the app itself, so if you don’t need too many changes or post-processing, you can create and share a complete video-based composition directly from your phone right after the flight.

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DJI SDK for Mavic Mini

Another unsolved problem is that the Mavic Mini is currently not supported by DJI’s Software Development Kit (SDK). But this problem seems to be soon solved by DJI, in fact, as we read in the official DJI forum, in April 2020 an update will be released that will make the Mavic Mini compatible with the DJI SDK both in the mobile and windows versions. It is also mentioned in the famous GitHub, the repertoire for Android SDK, where DJI Developer support seems to confirm the release of the update in April 2020 for the compatibility of the Mavic Mini with the DJI SDK. This means that powerful and popular third-party apps, such as Litchi, which allows sophisticated pre-planned routes and other customized features, will also work for the Mavic Mini. In this way, several of the features that many users need may be implemented also to the Mavic Mini.

dji mavic mini combo

Buy the Mavic Mini

You can buy the Mavic Mini online, both in the DJI Mavic Mini version and in the DJI Mavic Mini Fly More Combo version. The combo version includes two additional batteries, two additional pairs of propellers, another mini USB cable, propeller guard, two-way charging hub, plug-in charger and a carrying bag. By purchasing from us, as the official DJI Store, we offer pre and post sales support by qualified personnel, a free online course to let you know and become familiar with the product and professional technical support in case of need. The guarantee and billing are from UAE.

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