How to Prevent Drone Attacks with DJI Aeroscope


Find out what happened in the Abu Dhabi drone attack, how nuclear power plants in Sweden were spied on and how goods are delivered to Italian prisons.

The popularity of drones is continually increasing, and this has posed potential safety and security challenges for areas such as airports, prisons, power plants, and various government facilities and infrastructures.

During the last week, there have been numerous reports of drone attacks. In particular, that of Abu Dhabi to an oil depot and in Sweden to a nuclear power plant.

In Italy, there are an estimated 12,000 illegal flights per day, of which 5% are on sensitive targets.

Moreover, in recent months there have been dozens of reports of the delivery of “particular objects” in prisons throughout Italy.

Intelligence sources think that drones could soon also be used for attacks around the world.

Prison officers may not be able to properly detect and deter UAVs related incidents. For this reason, DJI AeroScope is able to identify the vast majority of commercial drones available on the market by monitoring and analyzing their signals. Flight information can be obtained that allows users to protect the integrity of their sensitive environment from an unauthorized flight.

What is DJI AeroScope?

DJI AeroScope is a complete drone detection platform, developed by DJI, that quickly identifies communication links between a drone and remote controller. It collects information such as flight status, routes, and other useful information in real-time. This tracking data stream helps prevent any kind of problems the drone might cause.

dji aeroscope

DJI AeroScope is available for continuous protection of large-scale sites, with the stationary unit that allows customization and set-up based on the specific site in which it must operate and user requests to completely cover the surrounding airspace. Under ideal conditions, the system can monitor a range of up to 50km and obtain key information from drones in real-time.

The monitoring data provided by AeroScope can be integrated with existing safety systems to efficiently provide an integrated monitoring system.

This system supports public cloud, private cloud, and on-premises deployment, which can meet specific needs such as off-site monitoring and data segregation.

The DJI AeroScope local server is the centerpiece of a comprehensive security system for drone detection. Using advanced information management technology, this system provides central monitoring, command, and investigation tools, integrating with data collected from previous flights.

It is a complete and cost-effective system for companies to monitor drones and help make public airspace safer. It also supports a Software Development Kit (SDK) to meet specific customer requirements and support integration with other different systems.

Elite Consulting, DJI Enterprise dealer since 2008, has completed numerous installations and integrations of the DJI Aeroscope radar all over the world including Italy, Oman, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, and many other countries.

DJI Aeroscope Operating Specifications

System functionality:

The remote ID is the strong point that allows AeroScope to identify drones in flight. Through the remote ID, it can identify position, altitude, speed, and direction, as well as the position of the pilot and the serial number of the drone itself.

The remote ID also provides the possibility for the pilot to enter a string arbitrarily, in order to report the authorization code obtained. This element is a fundamental component to allow the integration of drones in the Unmanned aircraft system traffic management (UTM).


The AeroScope Geofencing system allows to establish the areas around the installation site and to organize the detections. Geofencing allows the creation of a “warning zone” and an “alarm zone”, with the ability to direct notifications to a specific department, creating a more efficient network of rapid intervention.

DJI drones are the most popular drones in the world, as a matter of fact, the Chinese company holds about 75% of the drone market share. AeroScope can intercept the signal coming from the drone and directed it to the remote control, reading the telemetry data, and making them visible to the operator in cleartext. This architecture is more robust and unambiguous than electro-optical systems that identify the physical object in flight.

DJI AeroScope is both accurate and reliable for tracking drones within your airspace.

For instance, when a drone enters the range of the AeroScope antennas, the user can view clear and unique information, making it extremely easy to manage large areas and especially multiple drones at the same time.

What makes AeroScope system unique is the ability to identify not only the position of the drone but also the position of the pilot who controls it. This data is essential to allow investigation and intervention to be directed where it is needed.

dji aeroscope system

Some environments are not suitable for “standard” radars due to the strong impact that these “active” systems have on the receivers of other systems. Airports must comply with rigorous regulations to avoid interference with aeronautical communication systems. This requires the use of “passive” systems, which do not create noise for other devices. AeroScope, being a completely passive system, is the best solution when these types of scenarios arise.

Yemen, Houthi rebels attack the city of Abu Dhabi with drones

A few days ago in the United Arab Emirates, three people including two Indian citizens and one Pakistani were killed in attacks by Yemeni Houthi insurgents against three oil depots.

The tankers affected are located near a storage facility of the Abu Dhabi National Oil Co. in the Musaffah area. According to Abu Dhabi police, some drones fell in the two areas and could have caused the explosion and fire.

attacco con droni

This attack could have been avoided if a drone monitoring system had been installed. DJI Aeroscope, for example, is a detection system capable of covering a wide transmission range (up to 50 km) and indicating the position of the pilot, the trajectory of the drones, and other useful parameters.

The airport where Etihad Airways was building a new terminal was also hit during the attack. DJI AeroScope is often used in airports specifically to prevent drones from illegally flying in no-fly zones, so its use, in this case, would certainly have indicated in time the ongoing attack on the authorities if a DJI drone had been used.

To put things in context, the UAE has been at war in Yemen since the beginning of 2015 against the Houthis after the group invaded the capital of Yemen and ousted the internationally supported government from power.

Therefore, the Houthis had previously attacked airports such as Abu Dhabi and the Barakah nuclear power plant using explosives carried by drones in flight. The group has also fired missiles at Saudi airports, oil plants, and oil pipelines, as well as using booby-trapped boats for attacks on major sea routes.

Drone sightings in Sweden on nuclear power plants

In Sweden, mysterious drones have recently been seen flying over three nuclear power plants, two airports, and institutional sites such as parliament and government offices.

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The Swedish Security Service has opened an investigation, while the police and coast guard are engaged in searches on the islands and the sea near Stockholm, according to the BBC.

It is still too early to identify the perpetrators, but the sightings coincide with the increased military alert for tensions between Russia and the West over Ukraine.

The last sighting dates back to the past few days. One drone flew over the Forsmark nuclear plant, while others were seen over the Ringhals and Oskarshamn plants. According to Aftonbladet, over the weekend a drone flew in a circle over the parliament and government buildings and also over the royal residence of Drottningholm Palace. Other drones were also seen near Kiruna and Lulea airports.

Drones are suspected of being involved “in serious and unauthorized acts of secret intelligence gathering,” Sapo (Swedish Security Service) official Fredrik Hultgren told the BBC.

DJI AeroScope would have been able to detect and identify drones via the signal that connects them to the remote control. In this case, it would also have been possible to establish the position of the pilots and intervene in time, preventing the consequences and facilitating investigations.

Illegal operations on prisons with drones

More and more often we read in the news of drugs and mobile devices delivered in prisons through the use of drones. While drone overflight is illegal near these areas, this does not reduce the frequency of these flying activities.

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The method used by attackers always consists in connecting the prohibited material to the drone via a cable, then having it approach a window and letting the inmate take possession of the load and or distribute according to indications.

Nowadays, DJI AeroScope radar is adopted to prevent illegal flights over sensitive areas all over the world. DJI AeroScope, therefore, is an innovative and completely reliable system that allows you to trace all incoming UAS systems so that can detect and intervene not only in prisons but also at airports, government sites, power plants, military bodies, and authorized surveillance institutes.

It should be noted that about 70% of the prisons in the United States have a DJI Aeroscope drone radar installed while in Italy there is still no protection.

DJI Aeroscope system could prevent many crimes even within the prisons themselves.

How to install the DJI Aeroscope radar?

You can get in touch with Elite Consulting, an Italy-based company actively installing DJI AeroScope for all companies around the globe.

Elite Consulting has been a DJI Enterprise Gold dealer since 2008. It was awarded in 2019 as Top Dealer in Europe.

Elite Consulting boasts more than 120 DJI Aeroscope radar system installations worldwide.

There are numerous collaborations with: government bodies, airports, multinational companies, energy, and oil companies.

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