New SDK version compatible with DJI Mavic mini released


After several postponements, the long-awaited update of the SDK arrived, particularly awaited by the owners of the DJI Mavic Mini drone, hoping for the addition of semi-automatic flight functionality now within the reach of even low-cost drones.

Yesterday the DJI published the 4.13 update of the Mobile SDK and the UX SDK, both for iOS and for Android, available on the DJI development site on DJI MSDK Download, DJI UXSDK Download.

Among the many new features, it has added compatibility to the Mavic Mini and the Matrice 300 RTK, including updating the coherence, the ellipsoid height and the altitude of the aircraft, e.g. In addition, some serious bugs have been fixed.

Basically, it means that a third party app developer will be able to add new features.

Refer to the release notes for the complete list of changes.

DJI is moving to the next major version of the UX SDK, version 5.0, which is open-source, modular and customizable.

Shortly after this version 4.13, on Github you will find the new version UXSDK iOS 5 beta 3 and Android UX SDK version 5 beta 4.

As always, the DJI Dev Team is committed to improving your developer experience. Please report any bugs or questions to [email protected].

We recommend that you check the DJI SDK download page frequently to make sure you always work with the latest version of the DJI SDK.