DJI Ronin-S Operations

DJI Ronin-S Basic Controls

The controls of the DJI Ronin-S provide a simple user interface that allows you to quickly perform multiple functions at the touch of a button or a light touch of the joystick.

First of all, by pressing the M button while you are using the Ronin, you can scroll through the three SmoothTrack presets, with numbered LEDs indicating what you are doing currently using. Having three presets makes it much easier to react to situations on the fly while working, something that is particularly useful for documentary filmmakers.

Furthermore you can also find a fourth setting, the sport mode, by holding down the M button until the indicator LED it turns yellow. Sport mode offers the maximum possible responsiveness of the gimbal in order to contain and counteract extremely rapid movements; it is ideal for for the detection of subjects that move quickly or in an unpredictable way.

The joystick on the handle offers another way to redirect the camera when you turn it on; you probably will will want to play with the settings until it responds to your liking. Most default parameters seem to be too sensitive; a small movement of the joystick would move the camera too fast for smooth movement.

The trigger on the front of the handle offers multiple functions. Holding it down will lock the camera into the direction in which it points, cancelling all user movements; a double trigger pressure will re-center the camera if it had moved. This is a very quick way to return the camera to its default position when you switch between shots. A triple touch will reverse the camera 180° for a selfie POV shot, certainly useful for the all the vloggers out there. Finally, four touches and maintaining the pressure will unlock the joystick drift corrections.

It is also worth noting that the rubberized grip on the handle is comfortable and easy to hold. Its shape ensures that you can understand in which direction it is pointing at any time, without even having to look at it.

Remote control camera

One of the most useful functions of the DJI Ronin-S is the remote control of the camera, which uses either the MCC cable (multi-camera control) or RSS (remote start/stop), both included with the gimbal.

With the Panasonic GH5S this means that you are able to move the focus electronically using the focus wheel, as well as start and stop recording, take pictures or activate autofocus with the button on the handle. Support for remote control varies depending on the camera/lens combination, so please refer to the current list of compatible cameras and lenses found on the DJI support page of the Ronin-S.

In addition, the Ronin app contains a number of extra features, as well as basic stabilization and camera control.

The DJI Ronin-S can be purchased in two different kits, one cheaper with only the essential accessories included:

and one with standard kit:

The contents of the two kits are shown in the following diagram:

dji ronin-s content