Osmo Action Top 10 FAQs


This article summarizes the top FAQs about Osmo Action.

As DJI’s first action camera, the Osmo Action version produced a multitude of questions. What is the performance like? What features are unique to this device? Can it compete with its current competitors in the market?

Let’s get started!

What are the specifications of Osmo Action?

Osmo Action Specs 
SensorCMOS 1/2.3 inch
Effective pixels12M
FOV145° (smaller when RockSteady enabled)

What video resolutions are available?

Osmo Action Risoluzione Video
4K (16:9) – 60, 50, 48, 30, 25, 24fps
4K (4:3) – 30, 25, 24fps
2.7K (4:3) – 30, 25, 24fps
2.7K (16:9) – 60, 50, 48, 30, 25, 24fps
1080p – 240, 200, 120, 100, 60, 50, 48, 30, 25, 24fps
720p – 240, 200fps

What is the battery life of Osmo Action? How long does it take to recharge?

Osmo Action Battery Specs 
Capacity1300 mAh
Recharge time90 min. (when charging at 5V/2A)
Operating time1. 135 min. (when shooting at 1080p/30fps with Rocksteady disabled)
2. 63 min. ( when shooting at 4K(16:9)/60fps with Rocksteady enabled)

How strong is Osmo Action?

To prove the strength of Osmo Action, we tested it for extreme durability

dji osmo action noci
Please do not recreate any of the scenes shown in the extreme tested DJI Osmo Action article

Is the lens filter cap of Osmo Action interchangeable?

Yes. Rotate the cap to detach it from Osmo Action and you can replace it with another cap or ND filter.

Can you export files from Osmo Action to mobile devices?

Yes, you can. Connect Osmo Action to the DJI Mimo app and use its file export function.


Does Osmo Action support RAW imaging?

Yes, you can set the file format (which should be stored in the microSD) in the settings.

Can I change the orientation?

Yes, you can. The rear screen interface will adjust its orientation according to the perspective of Osmo Action.

dji osmo action orientation

Where are the microphones? Can I connect an external microphone to Osmo Action?

dji Osmos Action Microphones
Please do not cover your microphones while you shoot a video with Osmo Action.

Yes, you can connect Osmo Action to a third-party microphone via the USB-C port via a 3.5 mm adapter.

Does Osmo Action support voice control?

dji osmo action voice control

Yes, Osmo Action supports voice control. After enabling the mode in the settings, the following commands will be available:

dji osmo action voice commands


Does Osmo Action have an internal memory?

No. Please do not forget to insert a microSD card when shooting with Osmo Action.

What accessories does the Osmo Action have?

Osmo Action is compatible with a waterproof case, camera frame, quick release base, locking screw, flat adhesive backing, curved adhesive backing and more.

For more information, or to consult other Osmo Action FAQs visit the DJI online store.