Osmo series comparison: which one to choose?

osmo series compare

 The DJI Osmo series is perfect for vloggers and for capturing fantastic movies on the go. This innovative series contains portable gimbal cameras, action cameras, and smartphone gimbals, which offer numerous options for making incredible movies. Whether you are comparing Osmo Action with Osmo Pocket, or Osmo Pocket versus Osmo Mobile 3, take a look at this comparison from the Osmo series to help you decide which DJI Osmo product is right for you.




Presentation of Osmo Action

Osmo Action has exciting features such as dual screens, RockSteady stabilization, 4K HDR video, and is waterproof up to 11 meters! Whether you’re vlogging or filming an action-packed adventure, Osmo Action offers exceptional 4K performance that will thrill you.

Recommended users

Thanks to its ultra-resistant design, dual screens, and powerful camera functions, Osmo Action is an excellent action cam for extreme sports such as surfing, parachuting, running, as well as for everyday vlog content. The front screen lets you see exactly what you’re filming, which can make a difference when it matters every second. Users can shoot using the speakerphone with voice commands and Rocksteady stabilization offers truly impressive performance. Get Osmo Action if you’re looking for the best 4K action camera experience!


Dual screens

Osmo Action is DJI’s first 4K action camera built for extreme adventures. It features dual screens, which allow you to capture everything.

Extreme durability

Osmo Action is also extremely durable, it offers a waterproof design that is immediately resistant to oil and dirt and resistant to temperatures down to -10 °. We are talking about an extreme action cam that can handle anything.



Tired of shaky footage? Osmo Action thanks to RockSteady stabilization, which is an advanced electronic image stabilization system (EIS), guarantees movies without vibrations. Regardless of whether you hit the slopes or catch a wave, you can now enjoy filming without tremors, no matter how heavy the action is.

Camera & Video


Osmo Action offers a 4K HDR mode that dramatically enhances your footage and makes it pop from the get-go.

4K/60fps 100Mbps Video

Osmo Action lets you jump straight into the action with a stunning 4K/60fps 100Mbps video. You can film up to 60fps at 4K, which lets you slow down the footage to get that crystal-clear action camera shot. From everyday action all the way to impressive tricks and stunts, 4K/60fps delivers breathtaking action camera footage every single time.

8x Slow Motion

One of the greatest parts of the action camera footage is the epic slow-motion shots. Osmo Action puts power into your hands with 8x slow motion, offering jaw-dropping clarity at 1080p/240 fps.

Custom Exposure Settings

Manual and semi-automatic exposure gives you up to 120 seconds of exposure, which is perfect for capturing a breathtaking night sky.


Condense time and movement in a beautiful clip that is perfect for your everyday videos.

Timed Shooting Mode

Osmo Action gives you the ability to set up RAW timed shots, giving you the perfect control over your footage in post-processing.

Battery Life

A fully charged Osmo Action battery can support video recording at 1080P/30fps for up to 135 minutes (with RockSteady turned off), and 4K/60fps for up to 63 minutes (with RockSteady turned on).



Presentation of Osmo Pocket

The next comparison in this Osmo series is our smallest portable 3-axis gimbal. Osmo Pocket is an amazing 4k gimbal camera that transforms everyday moments into cinematic masterpieces. This is an excellent (and minuscule) addition to any movie maker with cinematic stabilization, 4k / 60fps video, and lots of intelligent features!

Recommended Users

Osmo Pocket is created for anyone with a story to tell. From vloggers and immersive filmmakers to travelers and couples, Osmo Pocket offers amazing powerful features that make this a perfect filmmaking tool. The 3-axis gimbal offers cinematic stabilization that lends it to anyone looking for a versatile and portable shooting tool.


Super Portable

Osmo Pocket is an incredibly small 4k camera gimbal that can fit easily inside a pocket or a bag.

Single-Handed Use

The Osmo Pocket handle is non-slip and sweat-proof. You can change modes easily using the built-in buttons and an integrated touchscreen.

Universal Port

Osmo Pocket features a Universal Port that offers a multifunctional expansion interface to connect your smartphone and essential Osmo Pocket accessories.


Motorized 3-axis Gimbal

Osmo Pocket puts an end to shaky movies, it comes with our smaller 3-axis motorized gimbal. Every moment and movement stabilize, transforming everyday moments into exciting scenes. Whether you are shooting a vlog or your child’s first steps, this little device makes cinema more personal, cinematic, and above all memorable.

Camera & Video

4K/60fps 100Mbps Video

Similar to Osmo Action, Osmo Pocket offers incredible 4k/60fps video, 4x slow-motion video at 1080p/120fps, and 12MP photos. We’re talking about a device small enough to fit inside your palm that offers excellent camera performance.

First Person View (FPV)

FPV mode lets you film anything from every perspective as the gimbal rotates. From a rollercoaster to every twist and turn on the tennis court, you can produce exciting films that fully immerse your audience.


It’s amazing what our little camera gimbal can do. Motionlapse adds smooth motion to your timelapse, creating stunning scenes that are perfect for any type of footage. Have a go at taking a motionlapse of the waves or even a stunning sunset.


The beauty and important thing of handheld filmmaking with Osmo Pocket is that you can go wherever the adventure takes you. Even if things suddenly get a little dark, Osmo Pocket automatically detects and adjusts the lighting conditions to produce an optimized image.

3×3 Panorama

Get the most out of your adventure with a breathtaking 3×3 Panorama.

Battery Life

Osmo Pocket has a battery life up to 140 mins (when shooting 1080p/30 fps video)


Osmo Mobile 3


Presentation of Osmo Mobile 3

Osmo Mobile 3 is a portable and foldable smartphone gimbal with intelligent features. Compared to Osmo Mobile 2, Osmo Mobile 3 is lighter, more foldable, and with new features such as Standby mode, Quick Roll function, and Quick Mode. Osmo Mobile 3 also has support for new generation smartphones, this means that you can charge your smartphone at the same time. In addition to all these Osmo Mobile 2 improvements, Osmo Mobile 3 offers better controls that make it easier to use.

Recommended users

If you are looking for a portable smartphone gimbal, easy to carry wherever you want and offering multiple smart modes, Osmo Mobile 3 is a fantastic choice for you. Osmo Mobile 3 features improved design and performance compared to Osmo Mobile 2, ensuring you can always shoot fantastic movies. Travelers, vloggers and students will love absolutely everything Osmo Mobile 3 has to offer!



Osmo Mobile 3 has a foldable design that allows you to take it anywhere. It weighs only 405 g, which means it can be carried around all day without problems. The new standby mode allows you to use your smartphone even when the gimbal is folded.

One-handed control

The simplest thing about filming with Osmo Mobile 3 is that you can do everything with one hand.

Ergonomic handle

Osmo Mobile 3 has a 15 ° grip angle which makes it incredibly comfortable to use for long periods of time.


3-Axis Motorized Gimbal

Osmo Mobile 3 features a 3-axis gimbal that delivers super-stabilized footage on the go. Whether you are filming a vlog or a travel video, this intelligent smartphone gimbal makes sure your footage always looks great.

Smart features

Control of gestures

Gesture Control is a new feature in Osmo Mobile 3 that allows you to take a selfie or start recording with a simple movement. Both the front and rear smartphone cameras can be used for gesture control, making it incredibly easy to capture your vlogs or special moments.

Battery Life

Osmo Mobile 3 offers up to 15 hours of battery life (under ideal conditions with the gimbal fully balanced).

Osmo series comparison

Users interested in extreme action sports and who want to take their vlogs to the next level will be happy with Osmo Action. For travelers, filmmakers, and everyday users looking for an extremely portable 4K camcorder gimbal, Osmo Pocket meets all your needs. Osmo Mobile 3 is perfect for anyone who already has a powerful smartphone camera and would like to create smooth movies. Whatever your passion, wherever your destination is, the DJI Osmo series lets you experience the thrill of new discoveries.

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