Sell DJI Drones and earn money with Airworks Affiliate Program


As official DJI drone dealer, AirWorks is offering the AirWorks Affiliate Program. Partners can promote DJI products sold on the online store and earn a 7% commission on each purchase made through their affiliate link.

Using this same affiliate programme, users have been able to earn up to 9000 euros per month! DJI products are indeed very popular at the moment so selling them just requires affiliates to showcase the amazing footage that can be shot using them.

The benefits you will have when joining the DJI Affiliate Program:

  • Work alongside DJI, the world leader in drone technology, holding up to 70% of the global drone market
  • International coverage – AirWorks sells DJI products through its online store worldwide
  • 7% commission on each purchase
  • 30 days cookies – a purchase will be attributed to the affiliate link for purchases made within 30 days from the first visit

Earning a commission is extremely easy!

  • Share the affiliate link
  • A customer orders a product by clicking on your affiliate link
  • Once the reference link and the order have been confirmed, this will automatically be attributed to your affiliate profile
  • Receive a commission at the end of each month for all orders not refunded within 30 days

In order to become an affiliate, you simply have to visit the AirWorks dedicated page and fill in the required business data. A confirmation email will be sent to you shortly after containing your affiliate link.

DJI affiliates can then visit their private online affiliate area and check statistics about their earnings any time.

There are many channels where affiliate links can be shared, the sky’s the limit!

Personal websites and blogs are certainly a good option. You can start sharing your own experience using DJI drones, sharing direct links for purchase. Providing value to followers is essential so posts should be thorough and interesting. Share your blog posts through social media pages. Instagram is ideal for showcasing the amazing footage shot using DJI drones and cameras. Youtube is also a great option: you can choose to shoot unboxing videos, reviews or amazing vlogs and inspirational videos using DJI drones.

You can share your links on online forums and Facebook groups, when answering comments about specific products or issues. For example, as an affiliate you could suggest which are the best accessories to buy for a Mavic 2 or a Mavic Mini.

Finally, you can share affiliate links through messaging applications and email newsletters, increasing the chances of purchases even more!

The AirWorks team has years of experience in the drone industry and provides the best customer experience before and after purchase. All clients receive assistance from DJI specialists and are gifted a free course to learn how to use their product of choice on the DJI Educational online platform.

These added bonuses make AirWorks an excellent choice for your affiliate marketing projects!