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DJI Inspire 3, the new ultimate cinematic drone

KSP:Full-Frame 8K ProRes RAW_CDNG

DJI, a world leader in civilian drone manufacturing and creative photography technology, today unveiled the Inspire 3, the all-new full-frame 8K cinematic drone. With unprecedented flight performance and a complete professional ecosystem, this drone represents a revolution for high-end film and television productions. The Inspire 3 is distinguished by its highly portable, integrated aerodynamic design, […]

Data security with DJI Enterprise drones

dji drones security

A guide to data security on DJI’s most advanced corporate drones, which are equipped with a robust suite of features to protect user data. These include Network Security Mode to give users control over their data, AES-256 encryption of video transmission, Cloud API, and AES encryption of SD card. Chapters DJI’s latest commercial drones come […]

DJI Mavic 3 Multispectral: DJI takes a step forward in Precision Agriculture.


Definitely not going to take a break DJI’s manufacturing activity, which, after unveiling the Mavic 3 Enterprise at the end of September and just a couple of month afterwards the Mavic 3 Classic, finally launches the Mavic 3 Multispectral. Ronnie Liu, DJI Agricoltural representative for North America, introduces it this way, “The launch of DJI […]

How DJI AeroScope protects the public

Every year, thousands of filmmakers, actors, and fans gather on the southern coast of France for the prestigious Cannes Film Festival. Under the spotlight of the world’s media, they flock to the streets, restaurants, and screening rooms to celebrate cinema and find the next big thing. And while they worried about securing tickets, interviews, and […]

DJI Mini 3 is the drone weighing less than 249g for everyone in any situation

DJI Mini 3

The newest addition to the ever-expanding DJI Mini series fits any adventure. DJI today introduces the DJI Mini 3, a compact, ultra-lightweight camera drone ready for any adventure. DJI Mini 3 is easy to take anywhere, and with its weight of less than 249 grams, it allows it to take full advantage of the new […]

DJI Terra update improves 2D reconstruction and LiDAR missions


DJI Terra, the DJI all-in-one drone mapping solution, has been updated yet again to enhance both the product features as well as the data processing speed. The new version 3.6.0 of the software brings rapid improvements to LiDAR point cloud missions and a 10% increase in computational efficiency of 2D reconstructions compared to previous DJI […]

Drone Surveying: What is the Difference Between Aerial Photography and Photogrammetry?


Why aerial photogrammetry is the proper technique for surveying jobs Every user knows that drones can be useful to take photographs. The accessibility of drone aerial photography has led to their use in many different sectors and produced incredible images. But is it good enough for mapping or surveying job? The truth is that aerial […]

Can DJI Aeroscope help prevent Airport drone attacks?

DJI Aeroscope

Houthi rebels from Yemen have recently tried to attack Saudi Arabia’s Abha International Airport, resulting in a forced momentary closure of the airport. The attack was carried out using explosive-laden drones, as was confirmed by Houthi spokesman Yahya Sare’e. A Saudi-led coalition was able to intercept the drone and prevent damage or deaths in the […]

DJI M300 Drones for Oil and Gas Refinery Inspection


DJI drones have become the first choice when it comes to Inspections in the Oil and Gas industries. Drones provide real-time data, allowing teams to make quick decisions about maintenance, thus saving time and money. Accuracy of measurement is increasing with every new DJI drone model, and the latest Matrice 300 RTK is no exception. […]

Upgrading from the DJI M200 Series to the M300 RTK


Every time DJI comes out with a new product, it does so elegantly but in a truly trail-blazing fashion! The Matrice 300 RTK, the latest addition to the DJI Enterprise family, is no exception. This drone pairs intelligence with high performance and incredible reliability, providing the perfect experience to any company or institution working in […]