Top Features of DJI Modify


Below are the key highlights of DJI Modify, the DJI Enterprise’s latest 3D model editing software.
For over a decade, DJI has been synonymous with cutting-edge drone technology, particularly in the commercial drone sector through DJI Enterprise. In recent years, DJI Enterprise has expanded its software offerings significantly, introducing the cloud-based fleet and mission management platform Flighthub 2, and consistently enhancing its UAV 3D modeling software, DJI Terra.

Today, DJI takes yet another stride forward in providing comprehensive solutions for professional survey users with the introduction of DJI Modify. This latest innovation from DJI is poised to revolutionize the landscape of 3D model editing.

Marking DJI’s inaugural venture into intelligent editing software, DJI Modify features a user-friendly interface designed to streamline the digital model editing process. When paired with a DJI Enterprise drone and DJI Terra, it provides a seamless solution that bridges aerial surveying, modeling, and model editing. This all-encompassing platform caters to a range of industries including surveying and mapping, urban planning, firefighting, and emergency response, facilitating efficient model sharing to meet the dynamic demands of these sectors.

Here’s an overview of DJI Modify’s key features:

Integration with DJI Terra for Seamless Workflow

DJI Modify seamlessly integrates with DJI Terra, offering a comprehensive solution for aerial surveying, modeling, and efficient model editing. The workflow is streamlined, ensuring a smooth transition from modeling to model editing, meeting the operational needs of industry professionals across various sectors. Launching DJI Modify within a DJI Terra 3D modeling project is a one-click process, simplifying the model editing process and generating files automatically.

Enhanced Work Efficiency & Operations

With its streamlined interface, DJI Modify facilitates intuitive interaction, enabling users to start quickly without extensive familiarization. The software swiftly performs model file operations and editing tasks, including automatic texture repair and batch flattening of vehicles, reducing the model editing workload. Advanced model display technology supports viewing and editing high and low-quality models in a single interface, offering flexibility for various scenarios.

Efficient 3D Model Retouching

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DJI Modify excels in repairing drone-captured 3D models, addressing issues such as floating parts, water surface anomalies, mesh irregularities, and texture problems. It offers various tools for common modeling repairs, including floating parts removal, flattening, texture repair, fill holes, and water surface repair. These repairs enhance the final model deliverables, providing professionals with smoother digital models for accurate decision-making.

Cloud Sharing for Quick Delivery

Collaboration between teams is crucial for large-scale projects, especially in fields like infrastructure or urban planning. DJI Modify facilitates rapid rendering and exporting of models in various formats compatible with DJI Terra and third-party software. Processed models can be quickly shared through the cloud, allowing stakeholders to view them online via a web browser on their mobile device or computer without installing additional software.