Special Operations Key Benefits

Debris Removal

Remove debris without endangering personnel or stopping operations.

Debris Removal


Traditional Challenges

Inspection personnel need to physcially remove the debris, which is very dangerous and can be time-consuming.

Power supply needs to be cut off to ensure personnel safety, potentially impacting local residents and incurring costs to the power company.

How Drones Help Remove Debris

Drones can efficiently remove debris using a flamethrower payload, so personnel can stay safe on the ground.

Drones can operate safetly without shutting off power supply, ensuring continuous electricity provision and minimizing costs.

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  • The DJI M350 RTK is backward compatible with the M300 RTK payloads and accessories such as the TB60 Intelligent Flight Batteries.
  • Existing DJI Zenmuse payloads (H20T, H20 and H20N, as well as P1 and L1) need to be updated to the latest firmware to integrate with the DJI M350 RTK.
  • Existing third-party payloads for M300 RTK need to be updated to support the M350 RTK, and some need to be upgraded to SkyPort from V1 to V2.


  • The DJI Zenmuse H20N is a night vision payload for the DJI M300 RTK and DJI M350 RTK, perfect for operating in low-light environments.
  • This hybrid sensor features a 20x hybrid optical zoom and wide-angle camera – both with starlight sensors – as well as 640 x 512 resolution dual zoom thermal cameras with 2x8x optical zoom, and a laser rangefinder with 1200m range.
  • The H20N supports synchronised zoom between thermal and starlight night vision cameras. Users can scale both images at the same time. This doubles efficiency and makes it easier to compare details side by side.
  • The H20N’s ultra-low-illumination starlight-grade night vision capabilities – with low illumination to 0.0001 Lux – captures the scene clearly, even in darkness, setting a new standard for security missions, as well as search and rescue operations or emergency situations requiring immediate recognition.
  • The H20N is a rugged and robust payload, with an IP44 rating and -20°C to 50°C operating temperature.


  • The H20T is IP44-rated multi-sensor cameras which ensure mission efficiency for a range of commercial drone applications, including firefighting, law enforcement, and search and rescue, as well as inspections of powerlines and within the oil and gas sectors.
  • With a 200x max. zoom you can see more than ever before with your drone camera.
  • The key features of this payload, engineered for the DJI M300 RTK drone and DJI M350 RTK, are:
    Zenmuse H20T – Quad-Sensor Solution
    20MP Zoom Camera
    12MP Wide Camera
    1200m Laser Rangefinder
    640×512 px Radiometric Thermal Camera