How State, Local and Federal Agencies Can Leverage DJI Drone Technology


Enhanced Safety

Expand your team’s capabilities with aerial robotic tools that help mitigate hazards and risk during critical operations.

Improved Efficiency

Save time and optimize resources by leveraging aerial intelligence to improve traditional workflows.


Security & Autonomy

Serve your community with industry-leading drone technology that offers secure and accessible solutions.

Government Applications

Serve, work and protect with DJI drone solutions

Land and Conservation Management


Conduct natural resource missions with DJI drone solutions developed to empower users by minimizing on-the-job risk and hazards while maximizing safety and efficiency.

Empower first responders in the line of duty with DJI drone solutions. Utilize our industrial drone platforms equipped with thermal sensors for more efficient emergency response, helping first responders take charge with better situational awareness while keeping out of harm’s way.

Monitor, manage and protect wildlife with easy to use DJI drone solutions. Utilize our all-in-one drone platforms that are portable and easy to fly, so you can scout and keep track of wildlife around your designated area.

Fight fires with agile and powerful drone solutions. Built for the toughest missions, our industrial drone platforms equipped with thermal and optical zoom cameras can help you swiftly scan through smoke and fire, giving you a safer and greater view of the mission at hand for better decision making.

Civil Security


Enhance the protection of citizens whilst operating in the line of duty. DJI drone solutions enable state and local government teams to act with added confidence and improved situational awareness.

Get immediate aerial overviews to identify missing persons, analyze site damage and more with DJI drone solutions. With a drone’s live stream, response teams can efficiently direct on-the-ground teams and communicate the situation to off-site stakeholders.

Enhance national security with greater efficiency than ever before. Deploy our latest tools and technologies to obtain a visual feed across large areas and to help monitor your airspace for improved situational awareness.

Justice Management


Deploy DJI drone solutions to help defend the interests of citizens, prevent and mitigate crime, as well as safeguard local and national government teams during critical operations.

Utilize DJI drone solutions to quickly map areas after an incident thus preserving the scene for further analysis. By using 3D maps or aerial LiDAR point clouds, forensic units can gain a detailed view of a site and provide an unbiased, visual report to the courts.

DJI drone solutions provide remote visuals of a dangerous area to give officers critical information of a situation. By using a thermal sensor, officers can gain visuals through glass and other obstructions, preventing officers from risking their lives when scouting an area.

Essentials for a Secure Government Solution

Trusted Technology for Government Agencies



  • Drone Detection Radar Mobile is a portable unit with only 14Kgs weight that can detect drones up to 10 Kms.
  • The bag include the detection system, antennas and internal server with monitor. This system work locally and does not need any internet connection. In this case you will have high privacy standard.
  • The bag is compact and lightweight so it’s very good to use for mission by car, truck or for events. The battery can be charged in 2 hours and run for about 10 hours. You can connect also to a power bank and use up to 24 hours per day.
  • This version has a custom firmware made by engineers in Dubai and can detect multiple brands drones.
  • It has drone signal detection and recognition functions for: DJI (99% of the drones), Autel, Hubsan and many other brands.


DJI FlightHub 2 is entirely cloud-based, making at accessible to everyone on the team via any device with a web browser.

Each team member can see and add updates as the mission progresses through the shared interactive map.

Key Features:

  • Cloud-based for real-time collaboration
  • Shared Live Annotations
  • 2.5D Base Map tool
  • One-Tap Panorama Sync
  • Cloud Mapping orthomosaics
  • Media upload and Storage
  • DJI Dock management
  • Route Planning
  • Task Execution


Enabling Remote ID as Part of UTM




Introducing DJI Government Edition