Magnetic Surveys with UAV

TERREMYS is a UAV geophysical survey company and is characterized by an innovative service for the measurement, processing, and interpretation of magnetic data.

Lightweight UAV Magnetic Surveys

Our L.U.M.S technology allows multi-scale aeromagnetic surveys from 1 to 150 meters using a measuring system weighing less than 500 grams.
This metrological evolution opens new perspectives for geophysical studies applied to the subsoil at depths both shallow and deep while delivering data that meet industry standards and are accurate to the nano-tesla range.


Our innovation
The magnetic compensation of the UAV

Our innovative solution is based on the compensation per figure of merit of the effects of drone magnetization using vector magnetometers. The measurement then becomes possible without a heavy and expensive active compensation system, without having to move or pull the magnetometers, and without having to use gradiometers that are less sensitive to deeper sources.



Flight heights and daily productivity

Ground operator

Hiking surveys: 1 to 4 hectares/day
25 to 100 linear km of daily magnetic profiles


6 to 10 hectares/day
130 to 220 linear km of daily magnetic profiles

Free from the nature and condition
of the soil (mud – crops – obstacles)

Allows multi-scale surveys
at several flight heights

Robotic and automated manual surveys
automated profile tracking

Quad bike

Quad surveys : 8 to 16 hectares/day
200 to 400 linear km of daily magnetic profiles


1 to 3 meters

– Preventive and programmed archaeology
– Decimetric georeferencing of buried networks
– Pyrotechnic clearance
– Identification of subsoil heterogeneities: search for metallic objects

3 to 150 meters

– General and structural geology (academic research, oil, mining and geothermal reservoirs, etc.)
– Oil and mining exploration
– Risks and active flaws analysis



accurate monitoring of the navigation and topography of the mission area


reduction of costs
and data acquisition times


multi-scale measurements
from 1 m to 150 m AGL


intelligent and
automated flights