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What is drone detection? Drone detection technology works to detect unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), or drones as they are most commonly known. There are different technologies used to detect drone activity in the airspace, each technology varies in their capabilities with respect to drone size and detection range.

All our devices uses frequency detection and signal descramble. In this case we can detect all data from the drone like: signal, gps coordinates, drone id, model name, etc.

We have drone radar detection with different size and frequency depending on your needs. We can realize custom firmware and custom database for drones that are not currently detect.

While the radar give you not accurate details the frequency detection system can give you the exactly gps position of the drone. This is why our device descramble the radio signal and display the exact gps data of the drone detected.

There are different drone detection system from mobile to handheld to stationary unit. All systems are passive so the installation is permitted everywhere without any authorization. Is also not possible to detect a passive system.

A popular drone detection device is DJI Aeroscope. DJI Aeroscope only detect DJI drones but our universal drone detection system can descramble the signal of many drones. The database is updated every month so the library will always increase.