The first product of the Osmo Series was Osmo , a completely integrated, fully stabilized camera for use on the ground. The Osmo gimbal can be held with only one hand and is a mechanical gimbal stabilized on 3-Axis.

Then came the Osmo Pro, which records 4K videos and 16MP photographs.
The Osmo RAW took things one step further, recording lossless 4K videos in CinemaDNG RAW at 30fps with an average bitrate of 1.7 Gbps. Photographs remained at 16 megapixels.
Osmo Pro and RAW cameras are equipped with a high-performance Micro Four Thirds sensor optimized for low noise and color reproduction. Their sensor area is eight times larger than the 1/2.3 inch sensor used in the Zenmuse X3 and they have an ISO sensitivity ranging from 100 to 25600.

Osmo Mobile is a portable smartphone stabilizer created to fuel your passions, your dreams and everything that makes you feel inspired: capture every moment with professional dexterity and incredible ease. With a lightweight design, smart features and a long-lasting battery, Osmo Mobile 2 will tell your story.

Osmo Mobile 2 was created for moving shots. You simply have to select a subject and ActiveTrack will follow it in total stability, thanks to integrated sensors and brushless motors. Whether they are the normal vibrations of a skateboard or the movement extreme of a jump, this stabilizer will keep your smartphone steady.

The latest edition is the Osmo Mobile 3, with a three-axis stabilization mechanism that eliminates vibrations that guarantees clear and incredibly smooth shots. Its lightweight and ultra-responsive design immediately responds to all your movements, so you don't miss a moment of the scene you want to shoot.

Osmo Pocket is the gimbal with integrated camera, equipped with the smallest three-axis stabilization system ever created by DJI. It instantly adapts to the movements of your hand, transforming a beautiful sunset or your child's first steps into a movie scene.
Thanks to its 1/2.3 inch sensor, a field of view of 80° and aperture to f/2.0, Osmo Pocket captures moving subjects with incredible detail. It is capable of recording videos in 4K/60fps at 100 Mbps and shooting 12 MP photos.

Osmo Action is the Action Camera with double display produced by DJI to compete with GoPro. After offering filmmakers around the world an advanced and reliable stabilization technology for years, DJI has gone further. Thanks to an electronic image stabilization system (EIS), combined with effective algorithms, Osmo Action ensures smooth and stable shooting even in the most lively actions.