The first DJI ground gimbal is the DJI Ronin which was then updated into the Ronin 2, the three-axis camera stabilizer redesigned to give filmmakers the freedom to capture any scene they can imagine. Based on DJI’s transformative gimbal technology, Ronin 2 has more power and torque to carry larger cameras, is more versatile to be used in every situation, and has more intelligent features to allow for unprecedented camera moves that help realize every creative vision.

The DJI Ronin-M is the next generation of professional camera stabilization gimbals, featuring many of the main capabilities of the original Ronin, but at nearly half the weight and in a much more compact size. The Ronin-M puts world-class stabilization technology within reach of more creators than ever before.

The Ronin-MX is a gimbal with 3-axis stabilization. It can load up to 4.5 kg in weight and has a battery life of approximately 3 hours. It can take different configurations depending on the needs (Underslung, Upright, Briefcase, Aerial, Jib or Wirecam). It features an integrated IMU module and can rely on the advanced technology of Dji brushless motors (which are less subject to wear less thanks to the lack of rubbing).
The Ronin-MX can work even in extreme conditions (it supports temperatures between -15 and 50 °C) and is compatible with the DJI Matrice 600 thanks to the support of the SRW-60G. The advanced design makes it usable even under the effect of high gravitational forces.

Ronin-S is DJI’s first single-handed stabilizer for DSLR and mirrorless camera systems. Available in two frame sizes for either camera type, DJI’s powerful three-axis gimbal technology delivers smooth, shake-free videos and crisp photos, adding a cinematic and professional look to your work.

The Ronin-SC took the powerful technology from the Ronin-S and put it in a lighter and smaller frame. Now users can pair their mirrorless system with a stabilizer that is easier to transport, easier to set up, easier to use yet still equipped with high-performance features and technology.