Ryze Tech is a drone start-up that developed the Tello, a fun to fly, easy to control camera toy drone that combines play with learning.

The Tello is a toy drone that balances fun, form and function, with the goal to provide a fun and awesome flying experience for kids and the kid in every adult. Weighing less than 85g with a body that is approximately the size of a smartwatch, it can be activated with a quick toss and return to land in the palm of your hands in a matter of seconds.

Tello houses an HD camera and comes with a pre-programmed one-touch flight function called ‘EZ Shot,’ letting you capture a 360 video, fly in a circle and command Tello to fly ‘Up & Out’ seamlessly.

The Tello features the Intel® Movidius™ Myriad™ 2 VPU which receives real-time data from Tello’s 5 sensors so it can “see” the world around it.

For those that crave speed and adrenaline, the on-board HD camera allows you to see what it sees in real time, putting you in the pilot’s seat. Real-time HD video transmission to your smartphone or tablet will let you experience your world in exciting new ways.

With intuitive controls and up to 13 minutes of flight time, you can quickly zoom around obstacles, perform stunts, explore your surroundings, and fly back home safely without worrying about battery life. Download the Tello app from the App Store or Google Play and start having fun with your Tello.

The ability to code is an important part of literacy and will enable kids to learn about creative problem solving and how to communicate their ideas. Engineers at Ryze have made Tello programmable with Scratch, an MIT-developed coding system that allows kids and teens to learn the basics of programming.

Customize your Tello with lots of fun accessories. Tello’s top shell is detachable, so you can change colors any time. You can also pick up a smartphone VR headset to experience flight in a much more immersive way.