DJI Goggles RE-OcuSync Pagoda Antenna (MMCX Interface)

33.00 AED (VAT included)

Pagoda antenna (MMCX interface)/Pagoda antenna (SMA interface):
The OcuSync Pagoda Antenna is a small 5.8 GHz fixed frequency LHCP omnidirectional antenna designed for drones competitions, which can be mounted on the Air Unit via the MMCX interface. Do not use this antenna for 2.4 GHz transmission.

Cylindrical antenna:
The OcuSync cylindrical antenna is a dual frequency LHCP antenna, which can be connected to the Air Unit via the MMCX interface to provide a smoother video transmission.

Dipole antenna:
The OcuSync Dipole Antenna is a lightweight omni-directional dual-frequency antenna suitable for short-distance flights, which connects to the Air Unit via the MMCX interface.

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